Shenzhen SED Industry Co.,Ltd. (Shenzhen SED A000032.SZ) was founded in 2007 with registered capital of 66.6 million yuan.It is a wholly-owned technology enterprise of Shenzhen SED Industry Co.,Ltd.,a Chinese listed company.


Development strategy:

Forming a "cross" strategy through two main lines, one vertical and one horizontal, through "deep cultivation of railway and related industry markets" and "smart city business expansion". Through continuous deep cultivation of railway and related industry markets, SED aims to realize the transformation from GSM-R terminal product line to industry solution provider; through the business expansion of "smart city", we will master core technologies and achieve breakthroughs in emerging industries. Finally complete the transformation from "single product, single industry" to "multi-product lines, multi-industry"; and realize the transformation of the company's business from covering a single domestic market to domestic and international markets.


Products and Services:

SED focuses on the field of communication and control; SED provides dedicated communication and control products and services; SED is a leading company in domestic GSM-R terminal equipment. In the field of railway GSM-R mobile terminal, SED has independent research and development of core technology and a number of applied technology patents; SED has a complete set of mobile terminal baseband chip-level development platform, which provides a complete set of GSM-R terminal solutions. SED products cover three major areas, including railway communication, train control, and Test.

Nanjing R&D Center focuses on building R&D capabilities around cloud-native B/S fundamental technology architecture, big data application development and solution integrated innovation laboratory.


Industry advantages:

SED is award title of national high-tech enterprise; SED is the main drafting unit of Chinese GSM-R terminal equipment technical standard; SED collaborates with Beijing Jiaotong University to establish the first GSM-R laboratory in Southern China.


Market position:

It is the leading terminal equipment supplier in the global railway GSM-R communication field, with the first market share in China.In 2013, a breakthrough was made in the overseas market, and the products were commercialized on a large scale in the German railway market.Up to now, it has become one of the top three suppliers in the European GSM-R terminal market.


R & D team:

R & D personnel accounted for more than 50% of the total employees, There are more than 40% of the R&D team members acquired MSC degree and about 90% of the R&D team members acquired undergraduate or higher degree. SED has a R&D team with mobile terminal chip-level development capabilities;it is mainly composed of researchers with either a doctoral or a master degree.


Office location:

SED Technology Building (Headquarters), Nanshan District, Shenzhen;

Yunmi City, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing (Nanjing Branch).