Successful cases in overseas markets


SED Wireless began to develop overseas markets in 2012. After years of efforts, SED Wireless products have been sold to railway systems in Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Turkmenistan, Switzerland, India and other countries.Some success stories and milestones are as follows:


1. In October 2018, SED Wireless successfully won the bid for the EU Open Tender Procurement Project of Swiss Federal Railway (SBB)GSM-R Terminal Handset, and signed the formal procurement framework contract for the project.


2. In April 2018, the bidding project of "2017 GSM-R Railway Mobile Terminal Equipment" held by Luxembourg National Railways was completed.SED Wireless won the overseas bidding again by virtue of its strong comprehensive strength and excellent service.


3. In May 2017, with its leading technology, reasonable price and excellent service, Sundar Wireless won the long-term framework procurement contract of railway transfer driver holding Taiwan OPS of Deutsche Bahn's core business.


4. In November 2015, SED Wireless successfully won the bid in the EU bidding project of Deutsche Railway and won the long-term purchase and supply contract, becoming the long-term supplier of DB's GSM-R handheld devices.


5. In November 2014, SED Wireless successfully completed the OPH/GPH delivery task in the communication renovation project of Turkmenistan East-West Railway (Ashgabat - Bilicot - Turkmenbashi section) in the overseas market, marking the successful entry of the company's products into the CIS market.


6. In October 2014, SED Wireless signed a framework supply agreement with a Czech agent.Since then, the Eastern European region has become the company following Germany, Austria and other Western European regions outside, another batch supply area.


7. On July 18, 2013, SED Wireless obtained the first purchase order for GSM-R terminals from Deutsche Bahn.


8. After one year of product certification and testing, SED Wireless successfully obtained the long-term supplier qualification of DB of Deutsche Bahn in 2013 and signed the framework cooperation agreement.









Expanding into overseas markets successful examples


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