The GSM-R communication system of Qinghai-Tibet Railway has realized the functions as following:


1. Dispatch Communication Function

Dispatching communication system includes the train dispatch communication services, freight dispatch communications, traction substation dispatch communications, scheduling and other private communications, station communications, emergency communications, construction communications, conservation communications, crossings communications and so on.


2. Train Number and Train Complete Stop Information Transmission Function

Train No., train complete stop information transmission and road safety management have great significance on the safety management. The information can be transmitted based on circuit-switched GSM-R technology. And it also can be achieved by using GPRS.


3. Dispatch Order Transfer Function

Railway dispatching order is the written order which the dispatcher command to the driver. It is very important to guarantee the motion security. GSM-R system can accelerate the transfer process and improve work efficiency.


4. Information Transmission Function of Train Rear Device

Incorporating rear wind pressure data feedback channel into GSM-R system can easily solve the transmission problems of rear wind pressure data.


5. Transmission Function of Shunting Cab Signals and Monitoring Information System

Providing transmitting channel of shunting cab signals and monitoring information realizes data transmission between ground devices and multiple cab radios, as well as the storage of login and logout shunting modes.


6. Data Transmission Function of Train Control

GSM-R system realizes ground-to-train bidirectional wireless data transmission and provides security bidirectional data transmission channel.


7. Sectional Mobile Official Communication

The GSM-R operational handset can be used in the inner communication among the operation sections of water and electricity, engineering, signals, communication, power supply, bridge guard, etc. Operators can contact with station duty officers, dispatchers, and automatic telephone users, and connected with drivers in emergency.        


8. Voice and Data Services of Emergent Command Communication

Emergent communication system is a temporary voice, images, data communication system that is set up with GSM-R system between the site and aid center as well as inner of the site, when natural disasters or unexpected incidences affect the railway transportation.





GSM-R Functions Introduction of Qinghai-Tibet Railwa


Created on:2020-01-20 02:05