By April 12, 2018, the bidding project of "2017 GSM-R railway handsets terminal equipments" held by Luxembourg national railway corporation is ended.For its strong comprehensive strength and excellent service, Shenzhen SED wireless communication technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "SED wireless") won the overseas bid again. 


SED wireless won the bid by virtue of a new product:railway general smart phone GPH-650R, which is the world's first GSM-R+LTE dual - card smart phone, supporting group calling, broadcasting, emergency call, geographic addressing function etc. in line with the international union of railway UIC standards requirements.


So far, it has occupied several Small-scale trial projects in Germany, Sweden, England and Norway railway companies, and achieved mass production. The first order from CFL has completed the mass delivery.

SED wireless standing out from numerous competitors in this tender represents that its technical level, comprehensive strength and good services are fully recognized by customers.


In the future, SED wireless will insist on the principle “meet customer demand, pursuit excellence quality:” to make continuous innovation and to launch high-quality products. Under the guidance of servicing customers, SED wireless is on the way to realize the goal——make progress together and develop together with customers.





 SED wireless successfully won the bidding project of CFL


Created on:2018-06-29 02:05