On May 23rd 2018, the whole series of SED GSM-R terminals including GPH-610R, OPH-810R, OPS-810R and GPH-650R passed the EIRENE Tests (European Integrate Railway Radio Enhanced Network )and Obtained TÜV Certificates successfully.


The test period last for 3 mouths. The tests include static tests and dynamic tests. The dynamic tests were taken in GSM-R network from Norwegian to Sweden. The static tests were taken in laboratory of GSM-R network function. The test results show that the function and performance of the whole series of SED GSM-R terminals are completely in conformity with the newest standard:EIRENE FRS 8.0.0 and SRS16.0.0.


Particularly worth mentioning is GPH-650R, the first GSM-R+LTE dual-card smart phone in the world passed the test for the first time. It shows that the function and performance of GPH-650R being in line with the international union of railway UIC the newest standards requirements.




 Whole series of SED GSM-R terminals passed the EIRENE Tests and Obtained TÜV Certificates successfully


Created on:2018-12-10 02:05