On October 16, 2018, SED Wireless successfully won the bid of  Swiss Federal Railways ( hereinafter referred to as “SBB”) for the open procurement project of GSM-R terminal handsets. After the public notice period, a formal framework contract for the project was signed by the two parties.


SBB is headquartered in Bern. It used to be a government institution, but since 1999 it has been a special stock corporation whose shares are held by the Swiss Confederation or the Swiss cantons.  (Information from Wikipedia)


SED Wireless has experienced the long-term product certification of SBB. During the certificating period, SED engineers go to Switzerland for environmental testing for many times.  After this successful bid, SED Wireless will provides its own best service to its customer as always.


    For SED Wireless, this is a new breakthrough in the overseas market. It also indicates that more and more overseas users are highly admitted of SED wireless terminal products. SED wireless will maintain high level of professional services and expand overseas markets.




 SED Wireless successfully won the bidding project of SBB


Created on:2018-12-11 02:05