Following breakthroughs in Morocco and South Africa, OPH handheld is commissioned this year on the Algerian railway line between Djelfa and Laghouat.

The Boughezoul (Médéa)-Djelfa-Laghouat railway line, spanning a distance of 250 km and capable of reaching speeds of 220 kph, is considered a significant economic asset for the region. This railway line,Djelfa and Laghouat includes a major station located in the town of Djelfa and extends over a distance of 110 km. As of the end of October 2023, the railway line between Djelfa and Laghouat enters service.

SED Wireless supplied the OPH-810R, one of its flagship products and a popular choice among customers for its superior performance as operator handhelds on railway line.

According to the concept of “meeting customer needs and pursuing excellence", SED Wireless will continue to provide customers in the African market with the best products to safeguard the communication and safe operation of the railway network.


Djelfa-Laghouat Line Schedule cf. sntf.officiel


Djelfa-Laghouat Line Train cf. sntf.officiel


Djelfa-Laghouat Line Road Map cf. Wikipedia



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