Bane NOR is a state-owned enterprise headquartered in Oslo, Norway, responsible for the infrastructure of the Norwegian railway, which they operate, maintain, and develop. Includes 4,247 kilometers of track and 335 stations. 

In May 2023, Bane NOR published a notice of public tender for the GSM-R Terminal and Accessories Requirements. According to the tendering materials, the award criteria included both technical and commercial excellence; OPH, OPS, GPH, and related accessories were covered under the tender. After multiple rounds of negotiations and deep cooperation with the local distributor, SED Wireless received the highest score for scope of product maintenance, technical answer for bidding, and accessories, eventually prevailed in the bid.

As a leading manufacturer of GSM-R terminals, we constantly innovate and upgrade our products to provide the best product solutions for railroad users. As an opportunity for this award, we'll keep enhancing product functionality and optimizing the user experience while maintaining our commitment to offering clients excellent products and satisfying customer service.


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SED Wireless GSM-R Terminal Successfully Wins Norwegian Railway Contract


Created on:2023-12-06 14:10