GSM-R Operational Purpose Handset OPH-810R

GSM-R Operational Purpose Handset OPH-810R


1.Basic Feature


SED OPH-810R is a handheld radio designed for the people involved in railway operations. This product is designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, as well as various temperature and humidity conditions and also dust and water defence. It is fitted with high capacity batteries suitable for low temperatures.


General GSM functions: Calls, SMS, GPRS, Phone book, Tools, Settings and Input Methods.


GSM-R Functions: function number management, VBS, VGCS, eMLPP, Group call query, Short number call, Group ID active and deactive, PTT supported, Railway emergency call and Guide for function number call.


The capacity of talking in noisy situation with large power speaker and the visibility of screen display in direct sunshine/night environment can be proivided.


Double MICs are used for free talk with double sides taking capacity.

Long living time.

Design for dustproof, waterproof and shockproof according with IP65.

Support Working Alone function with GPS and G-sensor.(Optional)

Support Bluetooth voice calls with bluetooth module.

Easy usage with accessories including clip or clip table.(Optional) 

Adopt anticorrosion design for all the outward interfaces, using anticorrosive material for protection.


The installation and dismounting of the peripheral equipments including battery, folding accessory, etc. can be carried out manually without any tools.








3.Operation details


When the OPH-810R is used in combination with the CLIP_TABLE, it can effectively solve theproblem of rainwater blocking mic holes, the operator can use the rear MIC of OPH-810R to talknormally even when it is raining.


On the other hand, if the CLIP TABLE accessory is not used, when the operator falls, theOPH-810R may fly out and there will maybe a certain distance between the OPH-810R and theoperator, even if the OPH-810R call is normal, the voice of the operator may not be heard by theremote end. If the CLIP TABLE is used, this problem will not happen. Also, the CLIP TABLE freesthe user’s hands during use.


If the incoming call is an automatically answered call, the rear microphone will be used by defaultand it will be hands-free mode.


Normal calls and other situations you need to answer manually. Press SEND key to make orreceive a call will default use the front mic, but if you use the PTT button to make or receive a call,the default microphone is the rear mic and hands-free mode.


When the person is in danger, the working alone alarm is triggered, and a high priority call will besent to the remote control center, at this time, the person can speak through the rear micwithout any operation. During working alone alarm mode, the allowed incoming calls will also beanswered automatically and use the rear microphone in hands-free mode.