IN SED Wireless

  • Fixed income: Post salary + subsidy

    Floating income: Annual performance bonus

    Other benefits: Six insurances and one housing fund, household file custody, employee turnover room, group canteen, holiday benefits, maternity allowance, afternoon tea birthday party, birthday gifts, entry anniversary gifts, etc.

  • Internal training: The company draws up an annual training plan every year according to the needs, and allows internal professional instructors to teach employees in need, including training in technology, skills, products, etc., to further improve employees' work ability and work efficiency.

    External training: The company matches external training resources every year according to the external training requirements put forward by various departments at the beginning of the year, arranges for employees to participate in courses from external professional training institutions in a timely manner, and transfers what they have learned to internal training to maximize effectiveness.

    Mentor system: The company arranges one-to-one professional tutors for fresh graduates or new recruits whose department requests are required to help them master job knowledge and skills as soon as possible and quickly integrate into the group.

    Trainee system: According to the needs of the department, arrange new recruits to the test team and production line for internship to understand the production process of the company's product functional machines.

  • Staff meeting:The company holds a staff meeting at the end of each year. Through the speeches of the leaders of the company's general office, all employees can understand the company's future development direction and company strategy, and honor the annual advanced team and individuals.

    Team building:Various team building activities are held irregularly throughout the year, including party and labor team activities, volunteer activities and various holiday-themed activities to enrich employees' spare time and enhance team cohesion.

    National Fitness:The company attaches great importance to the physical fitness of employees. Therefore, it has established basketball clubs, swimming clubs and badminton clubs to conduct activities such as football, mountain climbing and tug-of-war from time to time, so that wireless employees can combine work and rest to work and live healthily.

    Afternoon tea and birthday party:To reward employees for their hard work, prepare afternoon tea snacks for employees every afternoon, and hold a birthday party in the middle of each month to give employees birthday gifts for the month.

  • Shenzhen Headquarters Environment

    Nanjing branch office environment