For basic issues you might come across, please check the FAQ for solutions, if you still can not find an answer, please contact us for technical Sup,Many users have experienced problems with their handheld console, want to fix it, and don't know how to go through the proper process.The following are answers to common user questions for your reference.


1. How long is the warranty period of the handheld platform?


A: Usually the warranty period of handheld console is 2 years. The warranty period of individual handheld console varies according to the requirements of the contract.The user can provide the IMEI number of the handheld console to the after-sales staff of our company and inquire about the warranty period of the handheld console.


2. Why are some handhelds already out of warranty after only a few months?


Answer: The warranty period of the handheld console starts from the buyer's receipt date. The actual handheld console may be stored in the warehouse for a long time after receipt. Some handheld console has been stored in the warehouse for several years, but the warranty period has already passed before it is issued.


3. Why did some handheld platforms fail the first time they were used?


A: Our handheld console has been strictly tested before shipment. The handheld console can guarantee the quality of the product.But in practice, there are problems that are out of your control.Such as handheld platform in the process of transportation, may be damaged, on the other hand, due to the individual project with Taiwan before issued after long time storage, storage conditions, such as temperature, humidity and not up to standard, even under the condition of qualified storage, electronic products, the longer it is stored battery, LCD screen and other devices reliability in lowering.Therefore, there may still be faults when the handheld console is used for the first time. If the product quality problem is caused by our company, our company will repair or replace the product free of charge.


4. If the handheld console fails, who should be called to solve the problem?


Answer: It is suggested that users can consult the management unit of the handheld platform first, and the management unit will negotiate with our company.If you cannot contact the management unit, you can call our after-sales maintenance telephone 0755-83697032 for consultation.


5. Why is the maintenance cost of some handhelds particularly high?


A: When the handset is out of warranty, there will be a charge for maintenance.If the repair does not require replacement parts, the repair cost is usually not high, but if the parts are to be replaced, the repair cost is relatively high.The annual output of our handheld console is far lower than that of ordinary mobile phones, resulting in much higher production and procurement costs of the spare parts of the handheld console than that of ordinary mobile phones.In addition, some users do not pay attention to protection when using the handheld console at ordinary times, resulting in water and mold on the motherboard of the handheld console. The replacement of the motherboard is equivalent to the replacement of the main body of the handheld console, and the charge is naturally higher.In addition, some users' repaired handstands have already exceeded their service life. If there are many fault points, the maintenance price may be close to the new price. It is suggested that users scrap such handstands and buy new handstands to replace them.


6. How to mail the handstand when it is repaired?


Answer: It is suggested that users should call our maintenance service number 0755-83697032 before mailing. After communication with customer service staff, they should confirm whether the handheld platform needs to be repaired. The repaired address is "11th Floor, Sunda Technology Building, No.1 Keji Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong".If the handheld console is repaired, it is recommended to choose express companies with good service quality, such as SF, EMS, etc., and the mailing cost should be borne by yourself. Do not write down the payment.Before mailing, remove the battery and SIM card of the handheld console and keep them by yourself, so as to avoid confusion and loss during maintenance and backup important data by yourself.When mailing, attach a piece of paper in the package, indicating the address and contact information of the sender, as well as the failure phenomenon of the handheld console. This step is very important, because the handwriting on the express bill is often very vague and difficult to recognize. If the maintenance personnel do not know the failure phenomenon reported by the user, locating the failure is also blind and time-consuming.





Notes on the repair of the handheld platform


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